Oleg Taktarov UFC — Video, Wife, Bio

Oleg Taktarov UFC, Video, Wife, Bio

Oleg Nikolaevich Taktarov is a retired Russian mixed martial artist and actor. He is a practitioner of Sambo and Judo and has competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Pride Fighting Championships.


Oleg Nikolaevich Taktarov

Oleg Taktarov was born on 26th of August, 1967 in Sarov (Nizhegorodskaya oblast, Russia Russia) in a military man’s family. He started reading early, and soon read all the books in his home. He liked adventure stories. As a child, he dreamt of being an actor, but his father wanted him to follow in his wake, and sent him to art of self-defense school to Mikhailov Vitaliy Karlovich who predicted the boy worldwide championship.


Oleg Taktarov was born

Oleg Taktarov became the best jujitsu fighter in many tournaments. In 1994, he took participation in ultimate fighting “White Dragon” tournament that took place in Riga for the first time, and took the first prize there. In April 1995, Oleg Taktarov participated in UFC 5 tournament in Charlotte until the pseudonym “Russian Bear”. He won the first fight, but the second was lost to Dan Severn because of dissection. In the summer of 1995, Oleg Taktarov, being a participant of UFC 6 tournament, achieved one of the quickest victories on the 9th second by performing a submission hold in the semifinal. In the final, he managed to win the legendary David Tank Abbot by checkhold.

Oleg Taktarov

Taktarov Height Weight

Taktarov Height Weight

Height 1.83 m, Weight 95 kg


Taktarov  wife

Taktarov  wife

Dan Severn Oleg Taktarov Video

Oleg Taktarov Vs Anthony Macias


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