The fall of Mirzaev. The black tiger was knocked out


33-year-old fighter lost his first fight ahead of too early. He was defeated by Shamil Shakhbulatov from Chechnya.

Rasul Mirzaev in the early 2010s was considered one of the most promising fighters in Russia. Same as Khabib Nurgmagomedov, only in lighter weight.

18-1 – with such a record Mirzaev went up to the duel with Shamil Shakhbulatov (his indicator was 10 wins, 2 losses). The fight was held in the light weight – up to 61.2 kg.

Mirzaev – 33. This is not the age for heavy weight, but it’s also too much for the flyweight and even featherweight – already a lot. What will happen next?

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